Step back in time with 'retrorobics' fitness classes at Bingara Gorge

Neon gear, big hair and rad tunes - the 80s are back in the shire!

Western Sydney Women Awards winner Corinne Blight has just launched a new class in Bingara Gorge to bring a little fun back to fitness.

Retrorobics is a throwback to the high-energy 80s workouts of old, and have proven a hit with the locals in the past six weeks.

"It has been going really well with progressively more and more people getting into it," Ms Blight said.

"It started as mainly local Wilton people, but now we've got some coming from Campbelltown too. I've got a 'bring your friend for free' promo going for the next few weeks which I think will help as well."

The Macquarie Links resident, 26, runs Limitless Fitness and Nutrition, and started online group fitness classes during the height of the coronavirus pandemic last year.

"I wanted to do something different - that's when retrorobics spoke to me, came in a vision," she joked.

"I started teaching it online first, and now that things have eased with restrictions I thought it would be something new and different for the local community, so I decided to take it out to Wilton.

"My intention from the beginning has been to make fitness and working out fun. Watching my class smiling and laughing and all having a great time makes me think I must be doing what I set out to."

Ms Blight said her fervour for 80s dress-up has spread to some of the class members, who have also begun dressing up in fluro colours.

The classes - which run for about 40 minutes at Pulse Gym each week including warm-ups, aerobics core and stretching - also feature a groovy playlist.

"It's all 80s, maybe some 70s music, which is very fun - the best period of music I think," Ms Blight said.

"We've got things like Pat Benatar, Queen, Blondie, Elton John and ABBA. Olivia Newton-John will definitely be on the playlist soon.

"It's all high energy and high vibes - anything goes with retrorobics. It's okay not to get the choreography quite right, you can freestyle if you want to."

Ms Blight says "every single body part gets a work-out" as part of retrorobics, and members of her class have say the "time flies by so fast" because they're having fun.

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