Wollondilly Council to host meeting on region's water supply

Warragamba Dam is at more than 97 per cent capacity due to ongoing rainfall in 2021. Picture: Simon Bennett
Warragamba Dam is at more than 97 per cent capacity due to ongoing rainfall in 2021. Picture: Simon Bennett

Shire residents will soon have the chance raise their water concerns with Sydney Water.

Wollondilly Council is expected to host a water symposium alongside Sydney Water to address the region's water supply.

Councillor Judith Hannan raised a motion at last week's council meeting to hold the symposium.

"We were very lucky last year to get some instruction from Sydney Water as to what they were planning for us," she said.

"I am not sure I really understand it, but our community are really concerned so therefore Sydney Water have agreed to come on board.

"It would be really good to have that meeting where our community can actually ask Sydney Water to directly address their concerns."

For the past few years Wollondilly shire had experienced the worst drought on record, with water levels a huge concern across the region.

Councillor Matt Gould said the region's water supply concerns needed to be addressed prior to the next drought.

"This is one that we have been pushing for for a while and it's good to see that we've been making some progress on it," he said.

"It's good for us to not be in drought and to be able to have the luxury of time to try to sort this out, but the fact that we are not in drought has taken away a lot of the impetus that was coming through to try and solve the problem.

"When we were looking at Wollondilly only having 18 months of water left, they were actually starting to look at some of these solutions to these problems but all of those things seem to have dropped off the radar again.

"If we can get a water symposium happening so that we can try to move these things along and try to address some of the significant water security issues we are facing in the shire, I think anything we can do in that regard is time well spent."

Councillor Noel Lowry supported the long-awaited symposium.

"It's a symposium that we've been calling for for quite a long time and unfortunately we didn't have the support of Sydney Water for some time," he said.

"I am glad that they are coming on board now as well and they can answer the questions.

"There is no better time to think about water than when we are not in a drought - it's good timing and I don't know why it has been put off for so long."

Councillor Deeth said plans were under way for the water supply requirements across south-west Sydney.

"I think it is more important than ever that we continue to keep up the level of advocacy in relation to those plans," he said.

"Because if we can influence those plans and those outcomes we're actually really going to see some change on the ground when it comes time for delivery.

"We all know that plans are what drives change and it's important that we have input into those plans."