Macarthur volunteer honoured in Rotary awards

Campbelltown's Mina Skandari was named the 2021 Rotary Young Inspirational Woman for NSW.

Campbelltown's Mina Skandari was named the 2021 Rotary Young Inspirational Woman for NSW.

She's got a lot on her plate, but Mina Skandari can always make room for community work.

The Campbelltown resident loves volunteering and helping out women and her community, and it's this dedication that saw her receive not one, but two trophies in the Rotary Inspirational Women's Awards for NSW.

The 26-year-old was firstly named the 2021 Young Urban Inspirational Woman of the Year, but followed that accolade up with the overall 2021 Rotary Young Inspirational Woman award.

"It was an amazing feeling, I was very shocked," Ms Skandari said.

"All the work I do is from the heart, and I don't expect anything in return, so this was a very happy surprise."

Ms Skandari juggles her full-time work and criminology studies with her volunteer work as a youth ambassador for MYAN (Multicultural Youth Advocacy Network Australia), work with the Australian Business and Community Network, disadvantaged schools, the United Nations and the Afghan community.

"A lot of my work is with women, to help them feel empowered and teaching them about what leadership is and what skills are required to take on leadership roles," she said.

"I first got involved in community work within my own Afghan community back in 2015, but then I got distracted with uni and stopped.

"But at the beginning of this year I just thought, 'why am I underestimating myself? Why am I thinkin that I can't help others because I'm busy and I work?' So I made time.

"It's passion that has drawn me back to into community work."

Ms Skandari said everyone could give a little of their time to a worthy cause.

"Helping others helps you to grow," she said.

"It helps you with your confidence.

"There's no excuse for not doing community work - we shouldn't underestimate ourselves because we work full-time, or we have families to care for. You can always make time.

"If you want it from the heart, you can find a way to help. Helping others helps you to become a better person, and be an inspiration."