Sweet enticement for LGAs of concern to get the jab

Sweet enticement for LGAs of concern to get the jab

There haven't been a lot of highlights for people living in LGAs of concern in the past few months.

But as the race for NSW to reach 80 per cent full vaccination heats up, UberEats wants to reward the LGA of concern which leads the pack.

The food delivery service is going to sling $20 worth of sweet goodies each to residents in the first LGA of concern to reach 80 per cent of its population with two COVID vaccinations.

So residents in Fairfield, Liverpool, Campbelltown, Georges River and Bayside, among others, could be in for a free dessert if their neighbours win the race.

Figures as of September 20 have Bayside at 48.7 per cent fully vaccinated, Campbelltown at 55.1 per cent, Fairfield at 51 per cent, Georges River at 51.1 per cent and Liverpool at 51 per cent.

Uber Eats reports a 97 per cent increase in dessert orders between May and August.

Residents in the winning LGA will be able to add a promo code worth $20 to their order from a participating dessert store, available for three days from the Friday after the target is reached. The promo code will be emailed to users and circulated on Uber Eats' social media channels - and will only work for those in the winning LGA.

It's not entirely free though - foodies will still have to pay the service and delivery fees.