Charity to receive $11k after Bargo entrance walls plan falls through

Welcome to Bargo. Picture: Google Maps
Welcome to Bargo. Picture: Google Maps

Community Links Wollondilly will receive almost $11,000 to help locals after the Bargo Chamber of Commerce and Wollondilly Council could not reach an agreement on entrance walls.

The Chamber contributed $10,801.80 to the council back in May, 2015 for the purpose of constructing mutually agreeable entrance walls - akin to 'welcome to Bargo' signage' - to the village.

However, after more than six years, the two organisations were unable to reach a design agreement and the funds had not been used.

"Council and Chamber representatives have been unable to agree on a mutually acceptable design and have agreed for the monies to be refunded and donated to a third party charity," the council report read.

"The trustee of the Chamber has requested that... the funds be allocated to the Wollondilly Cancer Support Group via the Community Links Wollondilly organisation."

The report confirmed the funds had been held in a council account since they were received in 2015, and had "not been committed to any expenditure".

Councillor Blair Briggs said at the most recent council meeting that it was disappointing the council and Chamber could not find a solution agreeable to both parties after the Bargo community worked hard to raise funds and campaign for the entrance walls.

"Sadly we weren't able to meet their expectations," he said.

"It does please me, of course, that the trustee has arranged a refund to a third party... so good things have come.

"This stands as a demonstration of the fact that we need to work closer with these groups if they come up with this kind of dosh.

"I thank the Bargo community for raising those funds and feel sorry that we weren't able to deliver and meet their expectations."

Councillor Matthew Deeth said the council's signage strategy had been "dragging, dragging and unresolved".

"If we had been able to resolve that, perhaps we'd been in a position to utilise those hard fundraised monies from the Bargo community," he said.

"But Community Links will certainly value this and put it to good use in the community.

"Moving forward I'd really like to prioritise getting signs up, particularly in areas that most need it.

"We need to get on and get it done."