PHOTOS | Freak hailstorm lashes Wollondilly

Thirlmere residents have been left feeling overwhelmed after a freak storm passed through the town and surrounds at the weekend.

Marnie Cheung, who lives with her family on five acres in Thirlmere, said the fierce hail storm came from nowhere, and she believes a mini tornado also struck.

She said the family's 14-foot trampoline was flung over their fence and landed 100 metres away during the frightening events.

"It just started as a bit of rain, then small pieces of hail about pea-size, then about five minutes later the hail was at golf ball size," Mrs Cheung said.

"It all happened so quickly. The wind was incredible.

"We had just enough time to get the car undercover before it started with hail.

"I was out in it trying to fix something, and there was sticks and hail blowing in my face. I have a lot of bruises from it. We just had no notice it was coming - we looked at the radar and then 10 minutes later it was on us."

NSW SES Wollondilly Incident Controller Dylan Whitelaw said in a video posted to Facebook that the "severe weather event" passed over the Wollondilly shire about 6.30pm on Saturday, "dumping significant hail and rain in conjunction with winds".

He said the SES had received 212 requests for assistance and the organisation was working closely with other emergency services and Wollondilly Council to clear the "widespread" damage.

Wollondilly councillor Matthew Deeth, who grew up in Thirlmere, described the scenes as "the worst storm I've ever seen in the area in my 40-odd years".

He said he was thankful to the SES and RFS for their hard work in the clean-up as "so many trees had come down".

Cr Deeth said everyone he had spoken to had sustained some level of damage to their houses, many hit by fallen trees or smashed windows and skylights.

Councillor Matt Gould said his heart went out to all affected and promised the council was going everything possible to get repairs under way.

"It's just a mess," he said.

"As a community Wollondilly is very good when disaster strikes, we come together and do what we always do and solve it."

Thirlmere Sportsground and Wollondilly Leisure Centre sustained some damage in the storm event.

Residents are able to dispose of felled trees and other green damage for free thanks to the council waiving fees following the hailstorm.

The council posted on Facebook that green waste fees were being waived at Bargo Waste Management Centre until Sunday, October 31 for residents of Thirlmere, Tahmoor and parts of Picton. An extra green bin service was also ordered.