Wollondilly MP advocating for 'state of emergency' declaration following storm

This water tank didn't start the day in this goat's yard. Picture: Julie Prestridge

This water tank didn't start the day in this goat's yard. Picture: Julie Prestridge

Wollondilly MP Nathaniel Smith is advocating for Thirlmere and its surrounds to be declared a state of emergency following the weekend's hailstorm.

Thirlmere, Tahmoor and parts of Picton were battered by golf ball-sized hail stones during an unexpected and aggressive storm on Saturday evening.

Mr Smith said the villages were devastated by the weather event.

"What was once a sleeping village, Thirlmere was transformed by what was a freakish storm that wreaked havoc on trees, cars, power lines, and even tore the roofs off buildings," he said.

"I saw the devastation first-hand, as well as the swift response from NSW State Emergency Service volunteers and supporting emergency service agencies.

"I want to acknowledge Wollondilly Council's rapid response providing much-needed support and assistance."

The MP said he had conveyed the seriousness of the storm to the Premier and relevant minister.

"I have spoken with Emergency Services Minister [David] Elliott and made Premier [Dominic] Perrottet aware of the need to declare a state of emergency covering the affected area," Mr Smith said.

"All levels of government are working together to reach a decision as soon as practicably possible.

"This will release further resources to help residents through the recovery phase."

Thirlmere resident Julie Prestridge was shocked to find a water tank on its side in her backyard following the storm.

Even more shocking was the fact that she didn't actually own a water tank.

"We worked out that it flew through the air as it did not touch any of the fences between our properties," Ms Prestridge said.

"I wasn't home, but I'm sure the goat had a front row seat for a strange sight."

The water tank was claimed shortly after.

Fellow Thirlmere residents Marnie and Justin Cheung also had a backyard item go AWOL - their 14-foot trampoline travelled more than 100 metres during the winds, which were of more than 120kmh.