St Vincent de Paul Society's Vinnies Christmas Appeal at 30 per cent

Demand for Vinnies services is increasing.
Demand for Vinnies services is increasing.

If Vinnies NSW chief executive Jack de Groot could have one wish this Christmas it would be greater support for people experiencing hardship.

"If I could have a second it would be that everyone digs deep and donate to the Vinnies Christmas Appeal," said Mr de Groot, who confirmed the appeal is tracking below schedule with 30 per cent of its $1.3 million goal raised since launching last month.

"So many people have found this year incredibly difficult and are feeling dread at the prospect of a Christmas where they can't afford to keep the lights on - let alone put presents under the tree.

"What has been so disheartening about seeing so many people turning to Vinnies for help is that it doesn't have to be this way.

"We've lived through a real-time example of the benefits that come with raising social support payments to a level that keeps people out of poverty.

"We know it improves people's quality of life, not merely by having enough money to eat properly and a stable place to live, but in the way that people aren't crushed by the constant fear that homelessness could be just a single unexpected expense away."


The St Vincent de Paul Society will use funds raised from the Christmas appeal to provide struggling individuals and families with financial and material relief.

Vinnies members, volunteers and staff have been busy in the lead-up to Christmas, preparing and delivering hampers for households experiencing disadvantage.

"Christmas is an especially busy time for all our people as they work to ensure everyone in need of assistance has enough to get by," said Brooke Simmons, Vinnies NSW vice-president of social justice.

"We've been very fortunate to have the support of all our donors so that we can also provide presents for kids of all ages.

"It's quite a challenging time of year with increased demand, but it's also very heartening to see so many people coming together with such generosity and goodwill.

"We're so thankful to everyone who has supported the Vinnies Christmas Appeal - if you are in a position to give, even a little, it can make a big difference to people doing it tough."

  • To donate to the Vinnies Christmas Appeal, visit or call 13 18 12. All donations over $2 are tax-deductible.
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