Meet your new Campbelltown councillors: Riley Munro

New councillor: Riley Munro is one of the six new faces on Campbelltown Council this term. Picture: Chris Lane
New councillor: Riley Munro is one of the six new faces on Campbelltown Council this term. Picture: Chris Lane

Campbelltown Council has welcomed six new councillors this term.

The Advertiser is asking each councillor a series of questions so you can get to know your new representatives.

It's time to meet new Liberal councillor Riley Munro.

(Answers may be edited for clarity)

Tell us a little about yourself.

I'm in my 20s and I am employed as a youth worker and school chaplain in NSW Public Schools. I am also a casual disability support worker.

I have a keen interest in amateur astronomy, and I thoroughly enjoy history.

I participate in a couple of local sports, namely football and baseball.

How long have you called Campbelltown home?

I have called Ingleburn home all my life.

What do you think are some of the most pressing issues facing the community at the moment?

1. This global pandemic has highlighted how important outdoor spaces are. Residents have clearly expressed to me their desire for clean, safe and accessible outdoor spaces. It is well established that being outdoors is not only beneficial for our physical well-being, but for our mental health too. Locals want shade sails in parks, and trail-markers along our local bush tracks. Many residents often raise issues with illegal dumping and general litter in our green spaces, and we must continue to address these concerns.

2. It cannot be understated just how hard the local business community has been hit by the events of the last two years. I would like Council to look into encouraging a nighttime economy. People in Campbelltown deserve a place to unwind, and they don't need to commute an hour into Sydney when we could offer them so much right here. By extending trading hours, it creates more opportunities for businesses to trade, and provides flexibility and employment opportunities for our community.

- What do you think makes Campbelltown an amazing place to live?

I have been fortunate to travel around Australia to some of the most remote communities through various volunteer work. Campbelltown has so many attributes that make other communities envious; reliable water, space to roam, proximity to Australia's most important capital city. But ultimately, Campbelltown is truly made great by its people. There are countless groups of people who go out of their way to make our home a better place. Take the Campbelltown Bushcare Group for example... They put out calls to action asking for volunteers to plant tree saplings, and people turn up in force. On one particular occasion, I was able to plant several saplings in the playground where I went to school. The way the community comes together to achieve success is truly something to be proud of, and indeed is something that inspires me to serve.

What do you hope you can achieve as a councillor?

I hope I can achieve progress, especially in regards to the points raised above, with the help of my fellow councillors. However, I hope my tenure serves to prove to young people that your age is not a barrier to serve this great city that we are lucky enough to call home.

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