Expert advice for creating a cosy and chic master bedroom

Expert advice for creating a cosy and chic master bedroom

Spending more time at home no doubt highlighted to Australians the importance of creating healthy boundaries between work, play and places of rest. Porter Davis Homes lead interior designer Janelle Miles has these top tips to help you create the perfect slumber sanctuary.

Manipulate mood with colour

When it comes to colours in the bedroom, you want to ensure nothing is too bright and overbearing, as this is the place for you to relax and unwind.

Colour can be quite a personal choice, so be sure to select a shade that promotes restorative energies. Green promotes balance, harmony and growth, while blues evoke a sense of serenity and calmness. Those keen to make a bold statement may choose to position a feature wall behind the bedhead with a deeper navy or soft black colour palette, creating a striking look that still remains neutral.

Wall panelling is another way to add colour to the bedroom. With an ever-increasing range of profiles available, there is something to suit the most staunch minimalist, right through to a true pattern connoisseur.

Blues evoke a sense of serenity and calmness

Bright lighting ideas

Lighting is a very important factor when styling a bedroom. Natural light during the day will make your living area more spacious, while muted lighting options in the evening will create a cosy and comfortable space.

Having smart lighting options is a great way to achieve the desired warmth and brightness at all times of the day. Dimmable downlights are the way to go in bedrooms, with some table lamps on either side of the bed or wall lights for the evenings. Pendant lights can also bring a wow factor into an area, and can help draw attention to the furniture in a bedroom.

Window furnishings

Having large windows in the bedroom is a great way to create a more open space, but can also result in increased room temperatures and too much natural lighting when it's not wanted.

To combat this and ensure you make the most of large-scale windows, opt for a layered window dressing approach. Start with darker blackout curtains that will stop any unwanted light seeping through and layer over the top with a soft, sheer fabric that will catch light during the day and soften the overall look.

DESIGNER TRICKS: Opt for pendant lighting and layered window dressings.

DESIGNER TRICKS: Opt for pendant lighting and layered window dressings.

Playing with textiles

Bedding is a great way to create a whole new feel to a room without breaking the budget. Invest in good quality, breathable fabrics that will last. Think linen for a Hamptons feel, or silk for a luxurious designer look. Neutral fabrics in white, grey or oatmeal are great choices when looking for a trans-seasonal option, giving you more bang for your buck.

Nature-inspired bushland colours are also becoming increasingly popular colours for bedding. Rust red, burnt to sienna orange, peach tints to olive, khaki and sage green are some of the most popular choices for those looking for a unique, but subtle colour palette.

Be sure to layer up the textures in your room to add depth. A woven rug, woollen throw and velvet cushions can all have a place in the room when linked through an overarching colour scheme.