The Informer: Agility, volatility and reality in the age of COVID

Agility, volatility and reality in the age of COVID

It seems like a lifetime ago that a character called Malcolm Turnbull asked for the nation to improve its collective agility.

Well, maybe not in so many words but it's a reasonable interpretation of the-then newly elected Prime Minister's quote.

"In an age of rapid disruption and volatility you've got to be much more agile and that means you have to be prepared to embrace different ways of doing things" were his exact words.

That was mid-September 2015. Oh, how the world has changed. And with great respect, Mr T, disruption has gone to new levels and the general populace's agility levels are now equal to that of wannabe Olympic gymnast most days. But hey, a pandemic will probably do that.

Today Prime Minister Scott Morrison revealed new modelling from the Peter Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity and it showed that vaccinating younger people would be the most effective strategy to slow down virus outbreaks.

The institute director of epidemiology Jodie McVernon put it simply: "By vaccinating parents, you protect children."

Professor McVernon identified young adults as peak transmitters, but said the modelling showed vaccinating children is "not an efficient strategy" right now.

Research over the next six months, she said, would look at the best approaches for children, balancing their health and education needs. Hang tough, parents.

You can read the 66-page Doherty modelling report for National Cabinet right here.

Also released today was data from Operation COVID Shield - otherwise known as regional vaccination rates up until August 1.

More disadvantaged parts of Australia, including COVID-hit south-west Sydney, have some of the country's lowest vaccination rates.

At the other end of the scale, Bendigo - take a bow. The Victorian city topped regional vaccination rates with Warnnambool, Ballarat and the Wimmera not that far behind.

You can check out where your region rates right here and have a quick flick through the 11-page report, too.

And if you're frustrated with the vaccination system, find someone like Fraser Hemphill. The software engineer designed a vaccination appointment aggregator after his friend, who worked as a nurse, was unable to book an appointment.

And if all that is just too full of statistics, try these sulphur-crested cockatoos as a diversion. You want agility, let these Aussie icons show it to you in all their messy glory - birds teaching each other to open bins. What next?

No, no, don't answer that - it's only Tuesday.

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