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Clouds on the Horizon by Penelope Janu. Picture: HarperCollins

Clouds on the Horizon by Penelope Janu. Picture: HarperCollins

The horse racing industry is the platform for romance in Penelope Janu's latest novel.

To celebrate the January release of Clouds on the Horizon, Australian Community Media has seven copies to give away, thanks to our friends at HarperCollins.

The books sees naval officer and meteorologist Sinn Torrissen found frozen half to death in a thunderstorm by protagonist Phoebe Cartwright.

Sinn has arrived in her small town to investigate an illegal horse-racing syndicate - something that strikes close to home when Phoebe's sister could be swept up in the investigation.

Janu said she had always loved horses.

"I was given my first pony when I was eight years old, and well into adulthood I had a daily association with horses," the Aussie author said.

"Since having children of my own, I don't have the opportunity to ride as often as I'd like, but horses have always been an important part of my life. Some issues in horse racing are problematic, and for every re-homed racehorse there will be many that aren't (an issue explored in my last novel, Starting from Scratch) but there are many dedicated horse lovers who work in the industry, including owners, strappers and grooms."

Penelope Janu

Penelope Janu

Janu said she hoped the book would provide readers with a much-needed escape from the craziness of the outside world.

"The last two years have been difficult for many of us, and I wasn't sure what would happen when, amongst the upheaval, I sat down to start a new book," she said.

"But as soon as I began to write, Phoebe Cartwright, an occupational therapist who treats children with sensory differences, and Sinn Torrissen, a meteorologist and oceanographer, together with the secondary characters in the small town of Warrandale, became a daily and joyous 'escape to the country.'

"This story has a strong mystery element, which is a slightly new direction for me, but my background as a commercial lawyer came in handy in terms of the money laundering plot. My editor said in her notes that she loved the intrigue, and it was only then that I truly appreciated what a major part of the story it had become."

Australian Community Media has seven copies of Penelope Janu's Clouds on the Horizon to give away.

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